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Toronto sisters accused in Nigerian sexual extortion scandal try to clear their name

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Toronto sisters accused in Nigerian sexual extortion scandal try to clear their name



Jyoti and Kiran Matharoo sisters

Jyoti (right) and Kiran Matharoo (left), in a photo posted to Instagram in 2015.

They were nicknamed the “Canadian Kardashians” and garnered a large following on Instagram. Jyoti Matharoo currently has 49k followers and has posted several documents on their blog www.Matropolitan.com.

In an Instagram post Jyoti Matharoo claims there are 36 pages but they have posted only the ones pertaining to them. She stated the documents not posted include 8 pages of statements from Babatunde Oyebode, 3 pages of statements from Kiran Matharoo.


They were accused of attempting to extort a Nigerian Billionaire Femi Otedola. They were quickly arrested and briefly jailed. The sisters allegedly tried to blackmail Femi by claiming they had evidence of him cheating on his wife and they would post that evidence to a sex-scandal website NaijaGistLive.

On or about December 29, 2016 the sisters Jyoti and Kiran Matharoo posted a video on youtube apologizing and taking responsibility for a website called Naijagistlive. In the video they read a prepared statement off a cellphone.

In the video they stated that the money went to “Babatunde Oyebode of Huzzle Inc.” According to the Toronto Star, they received messages from a Twitter account under the name Babatunde Oyebode listed as a  CEO of Huzzle Inc and he stated to them that he had been charged and arrested by the Nigerian Police. It is perplexing why the sisters would not post Oyebode’s 8 page statement or the Kiran’s 3 page statement. Some online posters have inferred that they only posted what was beneficial to them to corroborate their story.

Return to Canada

The editor of an online newspaper that first broke the story of the charges, Dumebi Ifeanyi believes that the Canadian government may have intervened and helped Jyoti and Kiran Matharoo flee Nigeria.

Ifeanyi states “…the Canadian High Commission gave a document to the girls which would aid them to travel without their passports.”

A CityNews Investigation found they resurfaced online and appear to be back in Toronto.

A lawyer who helped the sisters told CTV News that they were issued replacement emergency passports by the Canadian Embassy.

Change of Story

In an exclusive with CTV news the Matharoo sisters changed their story even though in the apology video they said they would, “We promise not to say anything of the contrary to what we are saying now. We freely volunteer to make this video, and not under duress [be]cause we are aware of the damages[sic] done to people.”

Now they say they made the apology video to get their passports back but they were never returned. They told CTV News they made the apology video out of fear for their lives.

The Matharoo sisters left Nigeria on January 1 and have already missed several Court dates. The next date is scheduled for May 22. Canada and Nigeria do not have an extradition treaty.

Who should we believe?

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