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NBA Star Derek Fisher to pay $1.5 Million a year in support to his ex-wife



Ex-NBA star Derek Fisher will pay $1.3 million a year in spousal support and $15,000.00 a month in child support to his former spouse.

According to reports, Derek Fisher has agreed to pay his ex-wife $109,000 in spousal support, along with $15,000 per month in child support for their 9-year old twin boys.

They will also destroy the frozen embryos as part of their divorce settlement.

How is spousal support calculated?

Among other factors the Courts look at:

  • how much money each person could reasonably earn every month
  • what the reasonable expenses are going to be for each of them, and
  • whether an alimony award from one to the other would make it possible for each to go forward with a lifestyle somewhat close to what the couple had before they split—known in divorce law as “the standard of living established during the marriage.”


How long does it take to get a divorce?

Divorce Application

In Ontario, a divorce can take 30 days to over a year depending on your situation.

The quickest way to obtain a divorce is to file a Joint Application in which both parties agree to all the issues. You can then file your Affidavit of Divorce along with your marriage certificate.

There are three heads under which individuals can seek divorce:

  1. Parties have been separated for 12 months;
  2. Adultery;
  3. Cruelty.

Depending on how quickly your documents are prepared and filed and the number of cases being handled by the Court in your area it can take 30 days to over a year. In most cases we have seen a Divorce Order be granted within 4-6 months of filing all the outstanding documents.

Agreement of Purchase and Sale Ontario

Agreement of Purchase and Sale OREA

Usually our clients will have entered into an agreement on a printed form prepared by either Law Booth, the other lawyer or more common, through their realtors.

Apparently, because it is printed, most people sign the form before consulting a lawyer and, in many cases, without even reading it. The purchase or sale of a home is the biggest transaction most people ever enter into, yet an amazing number blindly sign the agreement without ever calling on their lawyer for advice. Then they appear in their lawyer’s offices asking them to solve problems arising out of that very agreement. These agreements are almost always prepared by real estate agents who, while trained and often expert in their own field, have little training or expertise in the complicated world of drafting legal documents.

For cases where we are given an opportunity to advise on such an agreement before signing, or where we are called upon to draft such a standard form agreement, we look to the latest form of the Ontario Real Estate Association (“OREA”) agreement of purchase and sale.

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